Two packs, one good, one bad, rule the land. Which will you join?
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Welcome To HRP!
Welcome to Broken Reality. Two packs, one good, one evil are situated in the lands after a fight. The good natured wolves, the Locus Pack, strive to make things better. While the bad natured wolves, the Inferno Pack, are full of hatred. Which will you join?
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PostSubject: .:The Rules:.   .:The Rules:. EmptyTue Jun 14, 2016 12:53 am

Chat box Rules

-Don`t not argue with admins or mods.

-Show respect to everyone.

-Use appropriate grammar, text talk is not allowed.

-Moderate swearing is fine, though if it gets to frequent or mild you'll be kicked from the chat or even banned.

-Don`t advertise on the chat box, you may advertise in the advertisement corner or Pm this person.

-Do not speak another language other than English please.

-Don`t spam.

- For those who have powers on the chat box, please do not fool around with them, or you will get them taken away.

-Please do not get one the chat box just to tell your real life problems as it doesn`t concern us. We'd be happy to help you via PM if you need someone to talk to, but please take it to private message.

Role-Play Rules

-Do not post a so short post of like ten words, as it is kind of pointless.

"Baboon." Is the secret code.

-On this site we use pass tense, and not present tense.

-We accept liquid time. Meaning members may be in more than one thread in rp. Though you may not be in more than 3 threads.

-You may be in more than 1 thread in private rp, though the maximum is 2.

- We also role-play as third person and not first person. "I walked alone." Is not accepted. "He/she walked alone." Is accepted. If I see a post that has been written in first person, you will either have to fix it or it will be deleted.

-Godmodding is unaccepted here and so is powerplaying.

-As it come to pregnancy and etc...please don`t get in details or anything. Fade to black, and post as if your character was waking up pregnant.

-This site is Liquid time, which means your wolf may be in several threads at one time. We do limit the amount  to 2-3 threads you can be in.

-Private roleplays are the same but you are limited to 2. You may not open one if you are in 2 already.

Site`s General Rules

-Have a good attitude towards everyone.

-Act respectful and polite towards members.

-Don`t exclude someone for no reasons.

-Avatars may not exceed 150 x 400 pixels tall. All avatars must be this size.

-Signatures cannot stretch the forum, if your signature stretches the forum it will be removed.

-No sexual or graphic content is accepted here anywhere on this site. If seen, your account will immediately be deleted.

-If an admin asks you to fix a post or something, please do as they say or you will get a warning. The most warnings you can receive before account deletion or banning is three.

-Don`t ignore or foe anyone unless you have an extremely good reason.

-If your username or wolf name is deemed inappropriate by one of/any of the staff you will receive a warning and be asked to change it.

-Spam accounts are not allowed and will be automatically removed, use your wolves first name when registering. If you have to add numbers or even a period ask a staff member to remove them.

-Please don`t double post or spam anywhere on the site.
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.:The Rules:.
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