Two packs, one good, one bad, rule the land. Which will you join?
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Welcome To HRP!
Welcome to Broken Reality. Two packs, one good, one evil are situated in the lands after a fight. The good natured wolves, the Locus Pack, strive to make things better. While the bad natured wolves, the Inferno Pack, are full of hatred. Which will you join?
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 Pack Ranks

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Crusader Kenji

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PostSubject: Pack Ranks   Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:52 am

The Ranks 

Crusaders are the alphas in charge of the pack. They are the first in command and they need to be respected by all. They are powerful and help the pack survive. These wolves or wolf in particular rules over a certain span of land and has complete and utter control over all of those in there pack. Crusaders usually come in pairs of two a male and a female mated together, although there can be one crusader if the character has no mate.

The Risers are second in command. When a Crusader is away, Risers take care of the pack. They are also known as Betas, which mean when the Crusader dies, a Riser will take his or her place. They hold a high respect within the pack, and must be treated fairly. Although characters can challenge Riser's for there rank and have them set into a lower ranking. Risers are normally the Crusaders eldest son or daughter but can be anyone that the dominate deems worthy of such a rank.


The healers of the packs, these canines are very well educated on the field of herbs and medical care. There is no limit to how many Curador's can be within each pack, but there are two Chief's. A male and a female, these two wolves do not have to be mates but can be. 

The Kundschafter are the explorers of the pack. It's very rare to see them within pack borders, unless they are delivering information to the crusaders about enemy territory or open lands . They are very friendly and social, but are always on the move. There is no limit to how many Kundschafter's can be within each pack, but there are two Chief's. A male and a female, these two wolves do not have to be mates but can be. 

Jahimees are the hunters of the pack. They hunt animals to offer food to pack members. They are the ones who give good nutritient to wolves. Without them, most members who be dying of starvation.

The Krieger are the warrior/guardians of the pack. They hold the power to decide each trespassers fate, unless the Dominate is present. 

These are young pups also know as apprentices. If your wolf is under the age of one, you are considered as a Jongen.
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Pack Ranks
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