Two packs, one good, one bad, rule the land. Which will you join?
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Welcome To HRP!
Welcome to Broken Reality. Two packs, one good, one evil are situated in the lands after a fight. The good natured wolves, the Locus Pack, strive to make things better. While the bad natured wolves, the Inferno Pack, are full of hatred. Which will you join?
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 General Store

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Crusader Kenji

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PostSubject: General Store   Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:32 pm

Hello Guest!
Welcome to The General Store!

The General Store is also known as the general store, which means it`s a place where you can purchase many things. 
Visit the shop and see if something interest you!

Cheaters never prosper, members caught trying to cheat shop items will be banned.

Extra Character

Second  character wanted:|200 holacs|
Third character wanted:|300 holacs|
Fourth  character wanted :|400 holacs|


*Earring:|50 holacs|
*Necklace:|50 holacs|
*Scarf:|90 holacs|
*Hat:|90 holacs|
*Bracelet:|30 holacs|
*Collar:|30 holacs|
*Satchel |75 holacs|
*Headpiece|75 holacs|

Physical and Mental Disorders

*Missing Limb:|100 holacs|
*Limp:|100 holacs|
*Amnesia:|100 holacs|
*Insomnia: |100 holacs|
*Anxiety Disorder:|100 holacs|
*Schizophrenia:|200 holacs|
*Blind:|200 holacs|


*Telepathy:|250 holacs|
*Neocramcy:|420 holacs|


*Name change:|50 holacs|
*Gender change:|75 holacs|
*Design Change:|100 holacs|


*Small companion:|75 holacs|
*Medium Companion:|100 holacs|
*Large companion:|200 holacs|


Shorten pregnancy |100 holacs|
Add a pup:|50 holacs|
Change a pups gender:|100 holacs|
Immaculate Concept:|350 holacs|

-Immaculate Concept allows a female wolf to have pups without a mate or consent of there alpha.-


Additional Character
[center][b]Bought or Earned:[/b][/center]
[center][b]Cost of Item:[/b][/center]
Admin's Response: [/center]

[center][b]Item bought:[/b][/center]
[center][b]Cost of Item:[/b][/center]
[center]Admins Response[/center]

[center][b]Type of animal:[/b][/center]
[center][b]Cost of Item:[/b][/center]
[center]Admins Response:[/center]

-Please leave the admin response section empty, an admin will approve or decline your purchase using this-
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General Store
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