Two packs, one good, one bad, rule the land. Which will you join?
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Welcome To HRP!
Welcome to Broken Reality. Two packs, one good, one evil are situated in the lands after a fight. The good natured wolves, the Locus Pack, strive to make things better. While the bad natured wolves, the Inferno Pack, are full of hatred. Which will you join?
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 Power's List

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Crusader Kenji

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Join date : 2016-03-19

PostSubject: Power's List   Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:32 pm

Starter Powers
When you first join Broken Reality you are limited to one power so choose wisely, all other powers must be purchased through the shop, won in contest/spars, or gifted to you by another member! 
Here is a list of starter powers you can choose from when joining.
Elemental Fire
Allows one to create and manipulate all fire substances.

Elemental Water
Allows one to create water substances such as mist, fog, rain, and even small puddles. 
Wolves that have this power can also manipulate all water substance.

Elemental Earth
Allows one to manipulate plants and rocks, and is a good use of self defense. 
Wolves that have this power are limited to the things they can do, and can only manipulate and grow plants and move rocks.

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Crusader Kenji

Posts : 9
Join date : 2016-03-19

PostSubject: Re: Power's List   Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:33 pm

Purchasable Powers
These powers are only available through purchase from the shop. 
These powers cannot be gifted but can be inherited by offspring.
Allows one to communicate with another by only using the mind.
Those who own this power can communicate with anyone using there mind even if the person they are communicating with does not have telepathy.

Allows one to communicate with the dead and summon spirits.
These spirits can be seen by the magic dweller and those around.

A power most popular with Curadors, it allows one to heal themselves or another living creature within minutes.

This power allows the dweller to become immune to any sickness, Although this does not mean that they can't get hurt.

The power to create images that can be used for entertainment purposes or sparring. Images are transparent and cannot be touched though they can create a soothing or terrifying scene.

More to be added in the future...
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Power's List
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